Admin Theme Corona

This is a completely new theme/style for your admin control panel.

This is a dark theme that has a nice fresh clean look.

New layout for the main page showing more info on sales ,
as well as a new bar chart showing the license and orders made per month.


Installing Corona Theme

To install this new theme for your admin panel.

Download the files from your order view files page.

Once downloaded unpack the zip file and open once completed.

You will have this folder structure


Upload the content of UPLOAD to the root of your license manager system

This will upload all the templates to the admin templates folder.

Once this is done login to your admin panel and select the Appearance Tab

Then select Admin Theme

At the top of the page you will have Import

select this and upload the style.xml file

This will install the new theme for your admin panel.

Once installed you can then Activate this theme in the list after the install.


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