Installing the Documents System

Installing the Documents System is very easy.

Download the Documents System from your My Orders Link.

Un-zip the files and upload the contents of UPLOAD folder to the place you installed the license manager system.

Once this is done login to your license manager admin page and select the tab for plugins.

Once this is loaded you will see a button at top left of the page called Install New Plugin (Click this).

A popup window will appear click the ( Choose File ) and select the plugins_documents.xml file for the un-packed zip file for the documents system,

Click the upload button to start the install of the documents system.

This will install everything needed for the documents system from the database tables to the phrases.

Once the install is completed you will need to change the user group permissions for each group,

This can be found in the Documents Setup tab


Setting up the documents system

First you need to change the user group permissions for each group,

to allow then to access or admin the content within the documents system.

To do this login to your admin control panel and select the User Group Options tab,

Then select the List User Groups.

Here you have a list of all the user groups added to your license manager system.

For more information on the user groups please see the License Manager 2.0.0 Category.

Select the Permissions button for the group you wish to change.

Once here you will see a list to the left of all the user options select the Documents link.

This will show you the options you have for the Documents system to allow this user group to access.

Options are:

  • Can Access Documents

  • Can Add/Edit Content

Click the check box you want to give this group access to.

This is the main setup completed now take a look at Adding and Editing content to your documents system.


Adding And Editing Documents

To add content to your documents system first you will need to create some Categories.

    • Login to your license manager home page.

    • Select the tab at top of page Documents.

This will open the Documents page within your site.

From here you will see a Dropdown Button called Admin,

if you have setup the User Group Permissions correctly.

    • Select the dropdown menu

    • Click the Link Add Category. (This will add you first category to your documents system)

Once this is open you will be able to add your first category.

Enter in

    • Title

    • Short Description

    • Top Level (This means it will show on the main documents page, Also top level categories do not need a description)

    • Active or not.

Top Level Categories do not take any documents only sub-categories.

You have added your first category.

Adding Sub-Categories

Now that you have added your first category lets add the first sub-category.

Follow the steps above but on the Select Category select the first category you added.

This will make the new category a sub-category of the first ( top level category )

This sub category is where you will be adding your documents.

Now that we have are categories in place lets add a new document to are category.

Adding Documents

Now that we have a few categories, we are going to add a new documents to the categories we have created.

    • Click the link Documents at top of page same as before to where the admin dropdown is.

    • Select add Document

This takes you to the add Document page where you have a few options just like when adding categories but with a difference.

    • Document Title

    • Document Content ( With Editor system and you can use html here, It will get converted to bbcode when saved. )

    • Category ( Here it will only let you select the sub-categories not the top-levels ones )

    • Active or De-Active

This is how easy it is to add categories and documents to this system.


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