Front Page

For your users the front page will show them 

  • Random Products

  • Latest Products

  • Top Selling Products

  • User Comments

Along side the other options in the menu but we will go through these in the other tabs.



The products page will show the user everything they need to know about this product.

  • Title

  • Description

  • Subscription Type

  • Ratings if any

  • Price 

  • Discount If Any

  • Reviews

  • Change Logs

  • Add To Cart

  • Product Images



All products are placed within a category, this helps the user to know they are buying the right product or addon to your app/game.


Members List

Members list is just that it will show the members of your site and users can view there profile page.

This could have in about me section or other content that the admin has added to the profile option.



This is a notifications system to notify you of any changes to products or maybe a support ticket.

This will show in the top right where the Bell is.

You can also view past notifications by clicking the bell and selecting View All Notifications.


Your Profile

This is your profile information about you where you can change your password, email address and extra profile content.

Extra profile content is added by the admin within the admin panel.


My Orders

The my orders page shows you a list of all the orders you have.

Within the list you can view the order as an invoice and download this as a PDF file.

View files that have been added for this product or view the product again with the link.

When viewing the order this will show you what items you have paid for the licenses to these products and the price you paid with any discounts.


Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is where you add items you want to buy to, and go through the payment system to buy items.

You can remove items add new items then checkout with the payment options provided


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